Willows Counselling & Training

Willows is a safe space offering counselling support for people feeling worried about anything affecting their mental health, as well as delivering training for people to become counsellors.

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How Willows can support you

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The coronavirus pandemic has increased demand for our services. More people are now turning to us for help. We need your help to meet this growing demand, so that we can offer more support, to more people and more often.

“Without Willows Counselling I don’t think I would still be here. They really helped me to understand that I am not responsible for everyone.”

Willows provides a safe, caring and confidential place for adults to find a way through emotional challenges and to rebalance. Each year more than 300 people contact us for support and we carefully match them with a Counsellor who is professionally trained and passionate about supporting others. Each week we deliver nearly 60 one-to-one counselling sessions and each session costs Willows £50.

We do not receive any statutory funding.  Everybody’s contribution and support is equally valued and welcomed by us.

A full report of our accounts is available at the Charity Commission

How you can support Willows

As a business, organisation, trust, foundation or individual, there are different ways you can support us e.g. charity partnership, financial or in-kind donations, payroll giving, pro bono and employee volunteering, or holding your fundraiser on our behalf.

For an informal chat about supporting Willows please email the Fundraising & Marketing Manager phone 01793 426 650 or 07743 910 132.

“The trainers are supportive, caring and go the extra mile for each one of us. Love the atmosphere of peace that fills every corner of Willows.”

Some of our Supporters

Thank you to all of our funders and supporters – both individual and organisational.  Your support ensures Willows continues to be here for people who need our help. 

Persimmon Homes
Nat Bene Charity
Jack Lane Charitable Trust
Handy Mag
Albert Hunt Trust

Long term supporters

  • Wiltshire Community Foundation 
  • Haydon Wick Parish Council 
  • National Benevolent Charity
  • Zurich Community Trust
  • Albert Hunt Trust
  • Jack Lane Charitable Trust

More supporters

  • Arnold Clark Community Fund
  • Asda Foundation
  • The Handy Mag
  • Swindon Link Magazine
  • Marlborough Anglican Team
  • Swindon Borough Council’s Business Covid Fund

Please talk to your friends, family, work colleagues and wider network about Willows – word-of-mouth remains the best way for people to find the support they need.