Resource Card Pack (five types)

Resource Card Pack (five types)


Five sets of laminated resource cards, each with one page of resource images to photocopy for your clients. More details can be found in the description of each product.


Dissociation skills cards - Many clients dissociate for all sorts of reasons.  When triggered it is useful to have some resources to help them.  These cards are useful for both counsellor and client to have as an aid to ground the client including using their senses, body and psycho-educational tools.


Flashback Skills Cards - Unprocessed Trauma has a habit of ‘flashing’ unwanted past experiences into the mind in various forms, images, smells, sounds, a feeling or body sensation.  They can present themselves very powerfully as if they are still happening in the here and now.   These cards offer a variety of skills and techniques to engage with the body, senses to help lessen the effects.


Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts skills cards - One of the most common issues presenting itself in the therapy room, anxiety can prove paralysing at times.  These skills are very useful to help to put you back in control of thoughts, emotions and the body, reminding you to breathe and notice.


Panic Attack skills cards - Panic Attacks are the final stage of anxiety, the nervous system is overwhelmed and takes action. Panic attacks can be very distressing leaving you feeling out of control of the body. The skills cards are a reminder of how to calm the nervous system and bring a sense of safety and empowerment again.


Children and Young Persons Skills Cards - A set of cards to help with the emotional regulation in children and young people. How is a child expected to know how to control their emotions?  It is helpful to sit with them and go through other ways they can deal with strong emotional responses.






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