Resource Card Pack - Flashbacks

Resource Card Pack - Flashbacks


Unprocessed Trauma has a habit of ‘flashing’ unwanted past experiences into the mind in various forms - as images, smells, sounds, a feeling or body sensation. 


They can present themselves very powerfully as if they are still happening in the here and now. These cards offer a variety of skills and techniques to engage with the body and senses to help lessen the effects.


The pack contains -

  • 14 x double sided skills cards size 15cm x 11cm (6” x 4¼“), held together by a metal clip ring.
  •  a sheet of mini skills cards 9cm x 7cm (3 ½“x 2 ¾”), ideal to photocopy onto card, put in a handbag or pocket, so they are easily available when you need them. 
  • Pack supplied in a plastic pocket to keep them clean.




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