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As a qualified counsellor the trauma course is giving me the opportunity to hone my trauma counselling skills…. I have gained knowledge, experience, and valuable insights into Herman's 3 stage model. With great support and guidance from the tutors my overall confidence and ways of working with trauma have expanded 3-fold.

Level 6 Student

The tutors were fantastic, they were so generous in sharing their experiences and experiencing and it was clear from the first weekend that we were in safe hands for this journey.

Previous Student

I would highly recommend Willows as a training agency for counselling, the whole team are so lovely and supportive. If ever you were just teetering on giving it a go, do it with these guys, you won't look back!

Level 3 Student

I have enjoyed my time at Willows, and feel well equipped to enter into the counselling profession with everything I need – knowing that the door is always open if I need any guidance. Thank you!

Level 4 Student