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Wiltshire Life Charity of the Year 2023

Willows Counselling & Training win the Charity of the Year award, sponsored by Gel Studios

Wiltshire Life Awards

Championing the people, charities, and organisations in Wiltshire, the team at Wiltshire Life Awards search the country for examples of creative endeavour, bravery, community spirit, business acumen, and young entrepreneurship and sportsmanship. The awards scheme plays a significant role in Wiltshire Life’s dedication to raising the profile and awareness of the best Wiltshire has to offer through categories such as charities and community groups, profitable businesses, sporting stars, conservationists, and those who seek to put the county on the map.

The 2023 Charity of the Year category was sponsored by the local full-service creative agency GEL Studios.

Upon hearing the news

Upon hearing the news that Willows had won the Charity of the Year award, Co-CEOs Denise Brent and Amanda Cook said: “We are absolutely humbled and delighted to have won Charity of the Year at the recent Wiltshire Life awards. We are so proud of the work that we do, and so grateful and thankful for the support and recognition that we have received. We are passionate at Willows about providing quality and in-depth training for the counsellors of the future, as well as providing an affordable counselling service for the local community, especially in these recent difficult times. We want to extend a huge thank you to the whole team at Wiltshire Life, and to the wonderful team at Gel Studios who sponsored the category.”

What happens next?

Following the award announcement, our Co-CEOs, Denise and Amanda, and the staff team were delighted to welcome Graeme Leighfield, Owner and Director of Gel Studios, into Willows where he presented us with the Charity of the Year award. After a lively and engaging conversation where we each had the opportunity to learn more about the other’s organisation, Graeme very generously proposed an offer for Gel Studios to support Willows with the design and creation of a new website. It is fair to say that we were bowled over by the gesture and were delighted to accept.

Work on the new website is now underway, and the charity of the year award itself now sits pride of place in our entrance foyer.