Willows Counselling & Training

Willows is a safe space offering counselling support for people feeling worried about anything affecting their mental health, as well as delivering training for people to become counsellors.

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About Willows

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Willows Counselling & Training began as a training agency in 1989 and in 1995 we started our counselling service.

Willows originated from a joint initiative between the District General Practitioners Committee and the Council of Churches, as at the time General Practitioners did not offer a counselling service.

Established for over 32 years, Willows continues to offer its services to meet the mental health needs of people in Swindon, Wiltshire and the West of England.

We offer counselling support for people facing mental health difficulties and we are specialists in counselling trauma and abuse with its complex challenges.

We are recognised as a leading agency of counsellor training programmes for people who want to become counsellors up to Diploma level, which is required to work within an agency setting.

Our Mission

The restoration of psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical health by the provision of Counselling, Counsellor Training and Research.

Willows offers information, guidance and supportive help to empower people who want to live with better mental health and well-being and to organisations and groups who support them.

Our Values

Supportive We care passionately about empowering people to experience better mental health and well-being through empathic, non-judgmental acceptance and therapeutic support.

Together We value working in partnership and collaboration with other agencies, businesses and organisations to maximise the use and impact of our expertise and resources.

Equality We believe in access to our services for people irrespective of sex identity, sexuality, spirituality, ethnicity, disability or economic affordability.

People-centred We aim to serve our clients, students, volunteers, employees and people in the community as they are at the heart of why we do what we do.

Sustainable With over 31 years experience of working in and supporting the community, we are established and consistent, organically growing and evolving

Our Values are based on Christian beliefs.

Our Board of Trustees

Miss Michelle Howard Chair of Trustees has a legal professional background, Michelle serves as a board member for a number of charities and is an Advocate in health services.

Mrs Susan Tollington is a counsellor and trainer, Susan recently retired as Manager, Gloucester House Rehab Centre. She has been involved with Willows for many years as a clinical supervisor and charity trustee.

Mr Geoff Holmes works as a counsellor, clinical supervisor and trainer in private practice. Previously Geoff managed an Employee Assistance Provider and has been involved with Willows for a number of years.

Mrs Helen Randell-Sly previously supported Willows financial matters as Treasurer and now Helen brings her business and project experience to the board.

Ms Jenny Sexton is a Chartered CIPD Member with over 20 years experience in generalist HR.  Also a qualified Counsellor, Jenny enjoys creative thinking; understanding, developing and coaching people.

Ms Tanya Lowe is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.  Tanya has significant experience of building learning and development strategies in the Private and Third Sectors.  She has a passion for people and for driving meaningful organisational change. 

Our Team

Tanya Orr Chief Executive Officer director@willowscounselling.org.uk

Counselling Manager counselling@willowscounselling.org.uk

Haydn Wilkins Counselling Coordinator coordinator@willowscounselling.org.uk

Denise Brent Training Manager training@willowscounselling.org.uk

Linda Evans Training Coordinator                               training-enquiries@willowscounselling.org.uk

Tamasin Connett Finance Manager treasurer@willowscounselling.org.uk

Jaq Cameron Fundraising & Marketing Manager fundraisingandmarketing@willowscounselling.org.uk

Ron Headon Office & Centre Manager centre@willowscounselling.org.uk

Sarah Forrester & Claire Titcombe Receptionists willows@willowscounselling.org.uk

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